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We invite you to LIVE the experience of FUSING your LOVE into the RINGS that will ENGAGE you the whole LIFE !!

We take you to our shop for a ceremony where you can witness the birth of your own rings, fusing the metals in a magic atmosphere, surrounded by the music you wish to hear.

Fuse love into your rings

A wedding ring must be that piece of jewel reflecting the true sense love has for a couple that decides to engage on marriage. That is why the choice must symbolize the experience of their life story, their feelings and their intimate essence.

Nowadays couples have evolved and do not want a classic design such as a yellow or white gold, plain and simple ring; many couples leave classic styles behind and choose avant-garde design and textures, like a 950 silver and 24 pure gold carat metal design, the kum boo technique, a stained silver design that turns it black and leaves gold untouched, achieving truly modern and exclusive pieces of full style jewelry, sometimes including copper, silver and bronze as well.

Victoria Alonso Jewelry does not only offer unique and avant-garde designs, but also an innovative service that invites fiancés to take part into the metal alloyage process. We strongly believe it is of key importance for them to live the experience of fusing their love from the very ORIGIN of it. It is a way to engrave the true sense of UNION right into it, from its intimate essence and therefore witnessing the quality of the alloyage that they have arranged.

All of the possible choices for a WEDDING RING are here: thick or slim, textured, engraved or rather simple ones. There is no strong trend or fashion for it, we want a ring to reflect what each individual is, feels and wants to project.

‘Feel the experience to UNITE your LOVE from its ORIGIN, fusing the RINGS by yourself’


Please send us an e-mail to arrange an appointment at our shop, so that you can view the different wedding ring models, every design and their unique style.

Arrange a visit for you and your couple and have a special moment with us, let us take you through emotions, passion and love. ‘I will care that you have an experience to be remembered all your life’.


‘…we feel very grateful towards the experience we had at your shop last Saturday. It will sure remain in our hearts forever; it was a privilege for us to attend the fusion of the metals that will become a talisman in our hands. Unfortunately many people miss this beautiful process; it really means a lot for us. We really recommend all our friends who decide to unite their lives to consider the opportunity of having their wedding rings designed by you. Thank you very much for your patience and good energy and for your warm and respectful welcome… we are excited about getting our wedding rings’. "

Maria José y Cristian


‘…we felt that wedding rings were far away for us. What do we want them for? That was what we thought first… We started a love story in the middle of our lives; we felt hope was back in us and that this love was truly ours. This made us run into an atypical handcraft jeweler who believes in the strength of universe just like we do. We thought things always have a reason to happen, and then we decided we would have rings as a commitment to our love, and we wanted someone special to engrave them with light and energy. We are happy now because our precious rings have a distinct spirit, which is Victoria’s and ours too…

Melisa y Mario 


‘The idea of getting married was far away for us, just as everything related to it, but our wonderful love led us to you and so we could live a wonderful experience, a unique one, such as fusing our great love FOREVER and engrave it into our wedding rings. Thank you for this unforgettable time for us…’

Karen y Jaime



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